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ASCO is the national clearinghouse for data regarding optometric education. ASCO collects data which is used to determine trends in optometric education as well as to implement objectives in the areas of advocacy, applicant development, diversity, faculty development, residency education and more.

Member School Data Entry and Editing

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Profiles of Applicants

OptomCAS Applicant Data Reports

Optometry and Vision Science paper – An Analysis of the Optometric Applicant Pool Relative to Matriculants

OAT Reports


Profiles of the Entering Classes

Annual Student Data Report

National Board Pass Rates, by Institution 2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017


Annual Faculty Data Report 2019-2020

Annual Faculty Data Report 2018-2019

Annual Faculty Data Report 2017-2018

Annual Faculty Data Report 2016-2017

Annual Faculty Data Report 2015-2016


ASCO Research Survey Report


Number of Residents at Each Institution and Description of Affiliated Programs

Residency Program Funding & Promotion Survey


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Trend Data in Optometric Education