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ASCO’s Inspiring Future ODs Ambassador program is an educational effort that encourages Doctors of Optometry and optometry students to speak to prospective applicants and community members about optometry as a rewarding future career. According to ASCO data, Doctors of Optometry are the profession’s best advocates. If you have a patient in your office or any other young person you think could contribute to and benefit from the profession of optometry, consider assisting that person in gaining further insight and information about this fulfilling career choice.

ASCO launched an exciting new campaign, Optometry Gives Me Life, in 2019. This campaign is aimed at undergraduate students who are seeking a career in STEM and healthcare. ASCO is also pleased to offer the following free materials that will help start the conversation in your office or your community.


Available Materials: Website – this Optometry Gives Me Life website features videos of three very engaging and successful Doctors of Optometry showcasing the reasons they chose the career of optometry and how they are able to find time to fuel their personal passions too.


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Optometry Gives Me Life Webinar – This webinar complements the resource-rich toolkit for practitioners and others interested in sharing why optometry should be a profession of choice. Components of ASCO’s public awareness campaign, Optometry Gives Me Life, the webinar, and its companion tool kit, includes videos of three featured Doctors of Optometry, downloadable artwork for posters and brochures, and sample social media posts. To receive the tool kit, which includes downloadable materials, email Paige Pence at


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“What Gives You Your Charge” Brochure
– this colorful newspaper-feel brochure from the Optometry Gives Me Life campaign conveys to prospective students how three Doctors of Optometry impact the lives of real people while allowing them to live their best life. It explains the admissions process and also includes information for all the schools and colleges of optometry.

To request copies of the brochure for your office or presentation, please contact Paige Pence, Director of Student and Residency Affairs at

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Optometry Gives Me Life Posters – these posters of our three engaging Doctors of Optometry can be displayed in your optometry office or used out in your community at your local high schools, undergraduate institutions, given out during career fairs, etc.

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Thinking about Optometry? Marketing Card – these cards contain key facts and online resources that are available for practitioners, presenters and other influencers to use to start the conversation with prospective optometry students. 

To request copies of the marketing card for your office or presentation, please contact Paige Pence, Director of Student and Residency Affairs at


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“Be a Doctor of Optometry” PowerPoint Presentation – This presentation is available to be used to speak about the profession of optometry. It contains everything you need to know about optometry from learning what Doctors of Optometry do, types of practice available, career outlook and educational requirements.

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Other Resources for the Promotion of Optometry as a Career

Eye on Optometry Blog – the ASCO blog contains information about the profession, including, “Dear Pre-Optometry Students,” “A Day in the Life of an Optometrist,” “A Day in the Life of an Optometry Student,” “What it Takes to be a Competitive Applicant,” “Taking the OAT,” “Why You Should Join, or Start, a Pre-Optometry Club,” and “The Importance of Shadowing in Pursuing an Optometry Career.”



ASCO YouTube Channel – includes videos and podcasts about all the exciting things going on in optometric education.






Other Applicants and Advisors Resources – This page of the ASCO website sends you to various additional pages of information that future optometry students would find useful as they explore the profession.





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We would like to thank you for your commitment to optometric education and your willingness to promote optometry through the Inspiring Future ODs Ambassador program!

Contact Paige Pence, Director of Student and Residency Affairs, at 301-231-5944, x3077 or